Additional Truck Accessories

Total Truck offers the knowledge and the most variety of auto accessory brands in Alaska to make sure you find what you are looking for. Our team of professionals can give you comfort in knowing you are getting what you want when you are investing in an accessory to make your vehicle better work for you. What accessory are you looking for? Call us at (907) 522-9393.

Nerf Bars & Running Boards

What is the difference between Nerf Bars and Running boards? Running boards will measure the length of your vehicle to provide a single, but full, continuous step shared by both front and back passengers. A Nerf Bar, aka Tube Step, is a metal tube that has individual steps for each front and back passengers. Either option will give you the ease of getting in and out of your vehicle without trouble.


Total Truck offers many options for aftermarket bumpers. Front bumpers and back bumpers can be used in many different ways and for many different reasons.
Alaskan roads can be dangerous to navigate, especially when it comes to Alaskan wildlife. Protect your vehicle and keep your passengers safe with a bumper that best fits your needs. A bumper can be basic or you can mount a winch on your bumper and save the day on your next hunting trip. With so many bumper options, Call our Total Truck AK Team for expert advice on purchasing and installing an aftermarket bumper at (907) 522-9393.

Trailer Hitches

Make your vehicle work for you and have our Anchorage Total Team equip your vehicle with a trailer hitch. Customize your vehicle with a trailer hitch that is the correct “class” rating to match your vehicle. With trailer hitch classes range from class I to class V, there’s sure to be a match.


Leveling & Suspension

When you purchased your vehicle, your budget and the vehicle’s design do not always match when it came to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) leveling kit. Suspension and leveling kits have really advanced in technology. Stop by our newly remodeled showroom so we can customize your ride.

Bug Shields & Rain Guards

Bug Shields can protect your vehicles paint and deflect debris, like rocks, from
damaging your windshield. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as slapping any bug shield on and finding success. Due to vehicle designs varying from vehicle to vehicle, come by our showroom for our Total Team to custom fit a bug shield to your vehicle.

Rain Guards

Do rain guards really work? Short answer, Yes! Whether you’re protecting your ears from the popping effect, you don’t want to fall victim to disheveled hair at 9am or you simply want to keep your armrest dry, rain guards will protect you from the weather and could possibly protect your vehicle from someone breaking in.


Alaska is known for our long and dark winters……light up your path with custom lighting to match your activities. Whether it’s to light up your drive on the highway, or lighting to accessorize your toy, Total Truck has it. Let our team help you from purchase to install with a quality job the whole way.

Floor Mats & Mud Flaps

See some of these items in action on our PHOTO GALLERY page!

Contact us today at (907) 522-9393 to place the order and get you hooked up.